About Me

cap n darby

Hi, I am Captain Dana Shay. I’ve been boating at Lake of the Ozarks for almost 20 years… I know the lake from the dam to the 70MM winery! I am a passionate boater and love being on the water. I am still amazed at how beautiful the lake is after 20 years!

I am a licensed Master captain. (And I do not wear that hat!) I have owned 7 different boats and several jet skis. I enjoy night time cruises and know the lake well enough to be able to feel comfortable at night. I have my grand kids here for a period every summer and know what they like best too!

My dog Darby loves going on Boat Charters. I am nearing retirement and look forward to chartering boats on a part time basis. In the past I have chartered boats for bachelor parties, family outings, business meetings and I have used the “Belizean Breeze” as well as rental boats, Sea Ray cruisers, Crownlines and Formula 400SS. I live in Osage Beach at the 19MM and have easy access from here to most locations.

Check out some of the below pictures of my certifications, the Cobalt Belizean Breeze and the “other” Belizean Breeze located in Belize, Central America! My other home!

I have 3 rental properties at the lake and have included links to them and we can discount package rentals.











This picture was taken from a helicopter and posted in the Lake magazine. This is the Belizean Breeze underway.



Below is the Belize version of the “Belizean Breeze”! We go to Belize every year since 1998.


uscg II

In 2011 I obtained my captains license and in 2012 my upgrade to 50 ton Master. This allow piloting a 50 ton inspected vessel with dozens of passengers. My boat the “Belizean Breeze” is operated as 6 passenger uninspected vessel.

uscg master