I offer scenic tours as well as party tours. I know almost all of the  good restaurants and the best scenery the Lake of the Ozarks offers. I am open for almost all options and give me a call to discuss where your custom tour should go. Check out some of the photos below for examples of what the Lake of the Ozarks offers!


beautiful lake

Beautiful Lake of the Ozarks




Ha Ha Tonka Castle ruins below


Suggested tours:

Suggested tours
1. Homes, Paradise Bar, Secret Cove (swimming), Bear Bottom resort (Kids water slide) Dicks 1/2 Way resort
2. Party cove, Backwater Jacks, Frankie and Louies, Jolly Roger, Coconuts, Homes
3.Dam, Docknockers, Toad Cove, Frankie and Louies, Homes, Backwater Jacks, Dog Days
4. How about an all day trip to the 70 Mile marker to the winery at Buffalo Creek with many stops?


Hundreds of beautiful homes

Waterfall house



Coconuts Pool and Bar


Franky and Louies Beach bar


The famous Party Cove!

Party cove

Bear Bottom Resort for kids and adults!

bear bottom resort